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Germania Life Insurance Company which is located in Brenham Texas provides several great policies which can fit most every need.









Interested in obtaining a quote for yourself?  The first thing to do is discuss with us how much insurance you might need.
 Contact Cloie Muncy authorized agent LC# (803736) for Germania Life   Or call her at (806)798-7900.





We offer:

  • 5 Year Term* - A level death benefit with level premiums increasing at each 5 year renewable period. Guaranteed renewable to age 84; convertible without proof of insurability to permanent whole life until insured's age 65. The policy may only be cancelled for nonpayment of premium.
  • Term 4 LifeŽ* - Provides permanent type level coverage to age 99 with premiums lower than whole life without generating cash value. Based at issue age, premiums increase by only 4% every 4 years (averaging only a 1% per year increase).
  • Economy Whole Life* - A level death benefit, level premium, cash value developing permanent whole life policy. Premiums are indeterminate after the first year, the company intends to charge the current rate in subsequent years.
  • 20 Pay Whole Life - A level death benefit permanent whole life policy fully payable in 20 years, premiums are guaranteed.
  • Other Plans Available - Germania also offers other plans of coverage designed to fit most everyone's needs.
    • 10 Year Renewable Term
    • 20 Year Level Term
    • 30 Year Level Term
    • 10 Pay Whole Life
    • Juvenile 10 Pay Whole Life
    • Modified Whole Life
    • Senior Whole Life
    • Single Premium Whole Life
    • Decreasing Term Plans