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Household Inventories

Creating and maintaining an inventory of your possessions can be very helpful at claim time to ensure that you claim all the items you lost in a catastrophic claim.

After a catastrophe strikes is the worst time to sit down and recollect all the valuables you have purchased and stored away.  An inventory created before a loss is the only way to be sure you have a complete listing and can be compensated fully.

Another important reason to perform an inventory is that it helps you assess whether you're carrying adequate limits for your coverage. My bet is you'll be surprised at how much you have accumulated.

An insurance company will estimate the repairs to your dwelling structure, but the list of contents is left up to the insured to create. That is why having a household items inventory is so helpful.

We've provided you two ways to create your inventory. First is a simple yet effective Excel spreadsheet.  It enables you to list items line by line, room by room and fits most situations. Even though it is quick and dirty, it gives you a summary of your items that can be printed out or saved and stored elsewhere.

A second option is a much more elaborate and comprehensive program available as a service provided by the Insurance Information Institute.  This program allows you to create a complete inventory using an installed little program that is quite powerful.  You can even save copies of receipts and digital photos with the inventory items.  Try it out!   Go to this link to download it. Download